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Oct 11 2008, 07:44 PM
Oct 11 2008, 07:25 PM
Let me just say that Sami isn't going to be the only one who is heartbroken at this sight. I, for one, could cry.

Then, after crying, I would like to punch the writers in the face, one by one. What ticks me off worse than anything is this insipid pandering to ALL of the fanbases, ALL the time. They could have created drama and angst for EJ and Sami without having EJ and Nicole going immediately there. But, nooooo. It's much easier for them to write for "Days of Our Prurient Lives". They want to try to please everyone, all the time. Which, in the end, means they will be pleasing no one in any meaningful way.

Because trust me...if Ejole fans think this bodes all pretty and shiney for their couple, they are being set up to be disappointed, too. A person could get whiplash trying to find a couple to root for. I'm just sayin'.
Uh, I don't think most of the EJole fans I know think life is going to be pretty or shiny any more than fans of ANY fanbase do. Every fanbase has its radicals. Every fanbase has level-headed folks who realize this is a TV show.
Pretty much, most EJole fans I know are going to enjoy it while they can, realizing this is the way the show works. So anyone-whether it's an Ejami fan, EJole fan, Jammer fan, Bope fan, Steve and Kayla fan, Chan fan, whatever.....-who says "nananabooboo, my couple wins, but not you" is going to get a swift kick in the teeth.

I know you've apologized before, but this is the second time I perceive a slight dig at EJole fans. I don't claim to be an EJole fan (just a serious Nicole fan), but I don't think they would appreciate that any more than any EJami fans would appreciate the same remarks being made about them on a board.

Just sayin'.
You know, I just don't get it.

I am intelligent and feel like I'm a fairly compassionate, understanding person. But I just am not getting it. Maybe my sense of humor is too coarse for the delicate sensibilities of some board members here.

I may have jumped the gun in thinking this was another board where I could have fun by celebrating (and commiserating over) my favorite soap.

I won't bore you with why I visit the boards. I'm sure we all have stresses and problems that we look to escape, and I'm certain there are others here who have had both less and more to deal with in Real Life than have I. But I WILL tell you that what I am NOT interested in, when participating on a board, is any ADDITIONAL stress added to my life.

Although I enjoy a healthy debate, I steer clear of anything that smacks of bullying and put-downs of others. Especially when it has to do with something that is supposed to be fun. Life is too short. And Karma is too important. You are correct. I have apologized here before. Quite sincerely and earnestly. I would think that most normal people could perceive my intent in general from the tone of that apology and the promptness with which I delivered it. But maybe you are too consumed with "perceiving my digs" at a fanbase to percieve anything else about me. That's a shame, because I'm a hell of a gal. (And yes, I know I said "normal people".)

You know, extreme "political correctness" on a board can make for a rather boring board. But, then again, if I find that I have to monitor every little word I type so incredibly carefully here...then maybe this is just not the board for me. No harm, no foul.

So, as I leave you, dear friends, let me just say that Days of Our Lives is a soap opera. It's fiction. And while it is fun to get all enthused, excited and silly-crazy about it....it's should not be good fun, imo, to strike out at other REAL people on a stupid message board.


....and who the hell is "Jammer"????

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