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On Nicole's Pregnancy:

Nicole was supposed to be unable to have any children because of her father's mistreatment.

I've wondered about her being Melanie's mom, but dismissed it.

Nicole had a major motive for wanting Trent dead if nothing but revenge so if that is why she gets arrested I wouldn't be surprised. He was a major creep. Everyone in Salem is getting arrested these days spending a few hours in there so why not Nicole.

The actor did a great job playing Trent making him worthy of being a murder victim with several suspects who had reason to want him dead..

Nicole has not been drinking alcohol for several weeks episodes because it was upsetting her stomach. They have been making that clear everywhere she has gone. She refused John's offer, EJ's offer, and quite a few people in the pub have commented even before she found out she was pregnant. edited

To kill Nicole's pregnancy would be counter-productive in creating an extreme triangle. They wrote Allison's real pregnancy in and having both Sami and Nicole pregnant with EJ's kids makes for a what is EJ going to do now.

I see three possible scenarios, IMHO,

1) an ectopic pregnancy which would end in surgery and no pregnancy which fits with her not able to have a baby because of scarring caused by her life before. Nothing good usually happens to Nicole.

2) a miscarriage that would end Nicole's pregnancy.

3) As mentioned before this, a problem pregnancy that can only be carried to term with full bed-rest which would cause EJ to order her to live at the mansion under his care bringing him even closer to becoming more emotionally attached to Nicole.

Sami doesn't want to tell EJ, but Sami isn't going to be able to hide it forever or someone is going to tattle (probably Chloe). EJ can count and knows he is probably the only possible father. EJ will try to force Sami to move into the mansion where the fun begins as the two pregnant, hormonal, and jealous females have a hormonal territorial battle of snide comments and other verbal warfare. They were funny at the pub reacting to the clam dish whoever delivered to the counter where they were sitting and sniping at each other. ;p
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