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Oct 12 2008, 01:00 PM
Oct 12 2008, 06:28 AM
Fair enough. I was honestly trying to figure out how it was perceived that EJole fans thought their couple would get all sunshine and puppy dogs, because I don't get that vibe from EJole fans on any boards I frequent. But then again, I won't touch the NBC board with a 10 foot pole, and maybe that's where it's happening.
I don't think it's happening here.
Yes, I'm sensitive, apparently, because I'm noticing some subtle Nicole bashing where it used to be Lucas bashing. I'll try not to be quite so sensitive about it and just ignore it.
This makes me curious. I don't think of myself as a Nicole basher. I actually enjoy the character of Nicole, but I do post my honest thoughts about her. I don't want her gone. I enjoy her. I just don't agree with everything shown on the show and like to discuss her. Is that considered bashing just because I don't agree with how the writers are portraying her? I love Marlena, but hate how she's being portrayed and like to discuss it to see what others think, Same with Sami and EJ. I don't feel that is bashing, but I have felt like many think it is. In the post you were replying to, I felt the poster was making a point that whether Ejami or Ejole, I wouldn't get too excited about anything because these writers just enjoy yanking our chain at this point. One week, Ejami, the next Ejole, the next Lumi. It just doesn't make me freak out anymore because I know the next week it will ping back the other way. I can see others reading it one way or another given the specific reference to Ejole, but it mirrored how I feel about how the writers aren't making a decision and are just keeping us in limbo.

I have my preference for EJ and Sami to get together, but I'm sick of the back and forth too. I'd just as soon them put Nicole and Ej together if that's what they want to do. I've lost enough couple wars to know that life will go on. Plus, I don't think Ejole is going to be a super couple that stands the test of time, so I figure put them together, get it out of their system, then at least the story will have direction. This is frustration over lack of direction more than anything else. I hate the triangle, and what it's doing to the characters involved. If I had my preference, I'd really rather see Nicole change by having this baby without a man to lean on. I don't think that's bashing her. I'd really like to see her trying to make it on her own. Nor am I set on seeing this. I like different sides of Nicole. There have just been things that I've seen that I did not agree with, nothing to do with Ejami, just how I feel about Nicole, but anything negative seems to make me anti-Nicole because I love Ejami which is so far from true it isn't funny. I do like Ejami in concept, but not as portrayed now at all. I certainly don't want any couple I root for to win by default of bashing any competition and trying to eliminate them. I want love as portrayed on the show to win. I feel like I'm viewed as a subtle Nicole basher, but I really am not. She's an interesting character, so I'm interested in how she develops.

btw - I didn't know I was a Jammer. I hope that's not negative. I rather like that phrase. :)
LOL! I don't know about the Jammer part. I've seen it on other boards. I don't mean it as negative! So, if it's used other places in a negative manner, I'd better find another phrase. :D
yes, bashing is allowed. Like I said, I get sensitive, mainly when it seems that folks are going out of their way to be bashing for any old reason, even when the character being bashed isn't part of the topic! Or, when comments are made about the fanbases in general. The comment I made was in regards to what I perceived as a dig to EJole fans in general about being overboard. The reason I pointed it out is that I don't see this on this particular board. For the most part, fanbase members keep it civil. But, yes, there are members of some fanbases who DON'T keep it civil here. I haven't seen it with the Ejole fanbase, and, although I like Nicole's character a lot, I don't perceive myself as an EJole fan, mainly because my heart means too much to me. :P
And, I will point it out. I'll just do my best to do it in a civil and rules-following manner.
What you are doing is not bashing. When you point out the negatives, you don't make up things or point out negatives to be pointing out negatives. You tend to be balanced, from my observations. Your comments aren't 99% there just to put a character down. Therein lies the difference. You don't do it to stir up trouble. You put thought in what you say.
So, it's all good.
As for Nicole, I can't quite decide if I want her to be with EJ or not. It depends on what they do with her and this FBI Secret Agent Man. I just want Nicole to win at love, at least for a while, for a little bit!
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