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Miss Rhi
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Oct 9 2008, 09:37 AM
Here's the other thing I don't understand about some fans...for me when I like someone I want to see them do something they enjoy doing...like if I have a fav actor I want to see them in storylines they love just because I am a fan. So being a Rachel fan first and foremost I want to see her in the storyline she wants...that would be Dansea. So if you call yourselves a Rachel fan then how can you not want what she wants for her character?

You make it sound like true fans are supposed to go along with whoever they are a fan of no matter what and if they don't then they shouldn't consider themselves a true fan. So if Rachel had wanted Chelsea to lets say die during or after donating part of her pancreas her fans should just say "Hey sure if that's what you want then we want it to!"?

Just because someone is a fan doesn't mean they have to agree with or want whatever or whoever they are a fan of wants or does, and to say that's what it takes to really be a fan sounds really idiotic.

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