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Oct 12 2008, 03:03 PM
I can't believe that people on this board are still in love with EJ the rapist.
Count me in as one who is still in love with EJ!! :wave: I've always loved the bad ones....love Stefano, Jack, Sami, EJ, Nicole (on her last run, not so much this one), Luke, Sonny (on GH)...........

I guess I love them because they take chances and in most of these characters you see that they really would like to be good, they try to be good, but in the end they'll do whatever it takes to survive...to get what they want.

I realize that these characters have done bad things, things that in real life we would never condone....I realize that the soap world is larger than life and on a grander scale.....so things on soaps are always played up for impact.....I would never condone or "love" real people acting the way these characters do...but that's the beauty of it.......I can still love them in the soap world!!! ;)
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