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Ok - I know I will get stones thrown at me for this but I don't view what happened on Dec 29th as rape, never have - I see it as an indecent proposal and a horrible one at that.

For one ... there are converstations between Sami and EJ afterwards that suggest that "more happened that night" EJ says it and Sami immediately tells him to shut up. I want to know what the more was???? Could Sami's body have betrayed her? We know that Sami at the very least has always been sexually attracted to EJ. Even after that night she was kissing him, holding his hand, was alone with him and leading him on.

Sami never acted much like a rape victim - and her family when they found out never treated Sami like a rape victim or EJ as a rapist for that matter... Lucas saw the attraction, he saw it from the beginning.

Then in May when they finally discuss it - EJ says if I hurt you and Sami says it wasn't like that and you know it ... it was how you treated me afterwards ....

It was never a clear cut case of rape for me ....

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