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Oct 13 2008, 09:29 AM
You know, Jana, I almost said right after the "can't help it"...he is so damn gorgeous!
I really should stop censoring myself, especially when it comes to complimenting that man on his steaming hotness!

And cj - the biggest problem the writers have had with EJ is that they totally sucked when it came to writing anything involving him...
December 29th left so many questions for me as to what really happened, why Sami acted the way she did afterwards if she was such a victim, and then the big May talk was supposed to clear it all up, and all it did was leave more questions. So it didn't bother her about what he did on 12/29, but more how he messed with her afterwards...really??

I know this topic has been done to death, but the award for shitty, confusing writing goes to Days when it comes to EJ and Sami's relationship. Still does.
ICA!! Alligato & CJ!! The writers have continually screwed up what could be the hottest couple to hit Days in decades!!

I will say that just goes to show how incredibly good an actor James Scott is......that despite every effort by the writers of Days to screw the character over............we still LOVE him!!! That all goes to JS and his brillant way of portraying EJ!! :rockon:
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