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Oct 7 2008, 12:02 AM
I can see why you have an issue with it but I guess maybe it's because I view the Dimera organization as somewhat legit. They do have a shipping line that is in use. John was conducting that business and at war with Philip so that legitimizes it in my view. Like Victor, things are legit on the surface but underground they are not. They are both heads of crime organizations and it's the crime and underground angle that makes them not legit but they also conduct legitimate business too, like the shipping aspect. I mean, it has to be legit or how else could there even be a battle for it and why else would EJ be pursuing legal paths to solve the problem? In Stefano's will (and I even think this goes back to 2002, not sure), it even made the business come off as legit in the sense that it does business above ground too. The Dimera organization, in my mind, has always had both a legit and not so legit side, much like Kiriakis, and that goes back to the inception of both families in the 80's. I've definitely seen enough in the past 20 years to suggest that to be the case.
Exactly :hail:
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