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Sami/EJ/Nicole: Kind of weird that EJ's first reaction was "why didn't you tell me sooner?" - I wonder if he will be pissed that Sami is waiting months before telling him.
While I felt bad for Nicole while Sami was trash talking her (love how people throw the word "whore" around on that show. Classless word.) Nicole needed to back off and give EJ some time to process. Let him make the next move. She was a little over the top today, and I still don't buy the "I want to be a mom" thing from her.
EJ's last line was classic! I love it! I wish she would have slapped him.

Chelsea/Kate: I wish Kate would just open her mouth and say, I am waiting for results on my biopsy. How many times do we have to hear Chelsea call herself a selfish bitch for wailing on Kate. Chelsea needs something to do other than trail Kate and make moon eyes at Daniel. Kate kicked ass on telling Chelsea off!!! I loved it!
Also, Kate reminded me of Sarah Palin a bit today!

Phillip/Melanie: I just don't see why this powerful man is talking to this Daphne-looking teen. Makes no sense. Phil needs a haircut!

John/Marlena: take 2,596...loved Marlena's last line to Sami! So does Sami love EJ now?

Stax: Ugh! Wake me when this mess is over!!
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