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the phillip/melanie conversation made no sense, and him knowing all about the wallet kind of takes the steam out of that little wrinkle, because soon enough, it will get around that steph had it--and voila...phil will be there to tell them melanie had it first. i hope they're not thinking of doing some romantic story with those two. after all the talk of how immature morgan was, melanie is a million times worse.

sami gets more and more intolerable as the days go by. she's like a three year old, going to cry to mommy because some other little kid has her toy. it's irritating. i'd rather see her scheming than whining, and she's only been doing the latter for the past year. seeing nicole act like an adult and not yell back at sami was a pleasant surprise.

the john/marlena stuff seemed like a waste--almost like it was done simply to set up the scene for sami and marlena later.

loved seeing kate tell chelsea off! loved it!
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