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Oct 13 2008, 12:33 PM
Todays episode sucked, but I'm not suprised since the last two weeks have sucked.

Is there anyone that like this storyline? I think it's awful and I don't like the way Nicole is written, when I think about it I haven't truly liked Nicole since 2003.


Drakes "acting" is still some of the worst I have ever seen on this show and it kills me to see Deidre wasted in scenes with him compared to the way she was used last winter.

I don't see any chemistry and I think Molly overacts to much, and Jay needs a haircut. I liked his hair better the way he had it this time last year.
I like Nicole, just hate the inconsistent way they keep going with her. It's like they can't make up their minds. Most definitely tired of the triangle.

I'm a Drake fan, and I hated seeing him today. I don't blame his acting so much as what could anyone do with sad dialog like that. It's a shame. I was hoping for a nice blend of new and old John, and they're making him weak and lame. I've said before, the writers have won, go ahead and split them already! I can't stand to see them together like this. I'd rather them be apart. I'm honestly wishing Kate would help him. I prefer Marlena, but at least Kate empowered him vs. emasculating him. Actually, I'd even rather Stefano turn him into his pawn again at this point. Sure, I feel for John, but to see him begging Marlena to just give him a chance and her being amused and treating him condescendingly as a child turns my stomach.

J&M are the primary reason I watch days, but I love so many of the vets, I will usually watch for other stories that interest me. With all the stories so lame, and now J&M being downright painful, I just watched today and wondered 'Why am I still watching?' I never thought I was a masochist before, but I apparently have sado-masochistic tendencies.

I agree completely with the Stax, Phelanie comments. Can't stand to see Melanie or Stax on the screen anymore. Poor Jay. I don't think he'll ever get a decent partner.

Sami's a character I used to watch for, now she's painful too.
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