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A group of reporters. ON Lexie as she's approached by a woman, Donna Farrell.

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Donna: Dr Carver

Lexie: (trying to place her) Hi. And you are...

Donna: Donna Farrell. We met at the hospital a few months ago.

Lexie: Were you a patient?

Donna: No. I lead the parents support group for autism.

Lexie: Oh, yes. I remember now.

Donna: I saw you at one or two sessions, but you never came back. (Smiles) Hope we didn't scare you off.

Lexie: Not at all. My schedule's been so crazy lately and ... when I have extra time I like to spend it with Theo.

Donna: I understand.

Page 2

Abe: Thanks for coming. (They shake hands)

Lexie: How do you two know each other?

Abe: Donna volunteers on our task force on environmental issues.

Lexie: (thrown) Really? You do that.... and head up that parents' support group?

Abe: (smiles) And she has four kids at home.

Donna: (smiles) Life's a bit hectic.

Abe: So Donna... you said you were recruiting new volunteers?

Donna: Yes. I've done research which suggest that the biggest obstacle to successful recruitment is speaking in generalities --

Abe: So what you'll need to do is give people specifics about exactly you do --

Donna: Right. And what our expectations are ---

Page 3

Donna: We obviously need a compelling message. I also intend to gather some testimonials, post them on our website...

Abe: You're doing a tremendous job, Donna.

Donna: Well, I think it's important to recruit from every demographic, so our brochure should be versatile enough to speak to a wide range of prospects.

Lexie: All these women.... they're so brave and noble. Instead of wallowing in self-pity they get out there and ... help other people. They make a difference.

Donna: (glances at Abe) Since your husband and I were talking about recruiting volunteers... I wonder if, by any chance, you'd be interested in joining the environmental task force? A physician would be a tremendous asset, actually.

Page 4

Lexie: (thrown) Oh. I .... (looks at Abe) I hadn't thought about it.

Donna: I realize you're busy and, of course, you son comes first, but...

Lexie: I'll do it. I would love to join the task force. (bravely looks at Abe) Beats tea with the ladies' auxiliary, right?

(Abe takes Lexie's hand in his, smiles)

Donna: That's great. Thank you so much.


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