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Oct 13 2008, 05:25 PM
Oct 13 2008, 12:33 PM
Todays episode sucked, but I'm not suprised since the last two weeks have sucked.

I'm a Drake fan, and I hated seeing him today. I don't blame his acting so much as what could anyone do with sad dialog like that. It's a shame. I was hoping for a nice blend of new and old John, and they're making him weak and lame. I've said before, the writers have won, go ahead and split them already! I can't stand to see them together like this. I'd rather them be apart. I'm honestly wishing Kate would help him. I prefer Marlena, but at least Kate empowered him vs. emasculating him. Actually, I'd even rather Stefano turn him into his pawn again at this point. Sure, I feel for John, but to see him begging Marlena to just give him a chance and her being amused and treating him condescendingly as a child turns my stomach.

J&M are the primary reason I watch days, but I love so many of the vets, I will usually watch for other stories that interest me. With all the stories so lame, and now J&M being downright painful, I just watched today and wondered 'Why am I still watching?' I never thought I was a masochist before, but I apparently have sado-masochistic tendencies.

You said emasculating him, and that was exactly how I felt. John reminded me of a poor little boy trying to hard to do something good to please his mommy and gain her approval.

I loved Kate telling off Chelsea. Good for her. If she wants to have a romantic encounter and Daniel wasn't in a committed relationship with Chelsea, and they hadn't had a date yet, good for her. "All's fair in love and war." My personal take is that Chelsea not so much upset that Kate and Daniel betrayed her, but more because she feels more of a rivalry with Kate where Daniel is concerned, and Kate "bested" her, and showed her up. Daniel seemed more like a trophy for Chelsea to me, and Kate stole her toy. JMO.

Loved Nicole, and I loved that she put Sami in her place, which was the conversation was between her and EJ and really none of Sami's business, and that EJ backed her. Felt bad for her where EJ reactions were, but the poor guys in shock.

I agree with whoever posted the question on why Marlena as a Dr. can't look at Sami and tell she's pregnant.

Marlena was irritating with her little smirk and laugh about Nicole being pregnant, I thought she came off as cold and laughing at Nicole.
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