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Oct 14 2008, 12:31 AM
Kyrai, it's the writers. They could perfectly well write a decent story for John and Marlena out of all of this without resorting to this ground hog day approach and having John revert instead of progress. It isn't the characters, it's the writers, because it doesn't matter who they are writing for, something is missing. Splitting up John and Marlena will change nothing. There have been glimpses of what could be in Jan/Feb and during the Olympics, so someone, somewhere has a clue, but instead of running with it, they seem to be scared to write an in depth, heartfelt, character driven story for J&M. Why drop the Stefano connection? It set up great conflict for both characters. Why not let Marlena 'see' how John is trying to change instead of him telling her second hand. And I'm tired of Marlena being used as a sounding board for Sami without regard for the character of Marlena. Marlena would so realize that Sami was pregnant. It's just insulting. And I'm tired of John only being able to relate to characters like Sami/Nicole/Ava, who all seem to have a hard time relating in a mature way to anyone. Yes, they seem to be trying to have the character of Nicole grow up a bit, but look who had to tell Nicole what the right thing to do was..... John. John and Marlena have/had more in common then most people in Salem. Marlena was used and abused by Stefano herself. Why haven't they bonded over this? or had a conversation about this?
Thanks Hops. I love your posts, and I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this utter frustration.

I agree with every word you wrote. I just don't understand why the writers even think this story would be enjoyable. Love stories used to be fun and uplifting. There was angst, but not this absolute gloom and doom, and love didn't weaken characters, it strengthened them. It's just really getting to me.

I have a deep rooted affection for who Marlena was in the 80s/90s. Gifted psychiatrist, loving caring friend, wise and patient. I just really miss her. And I miss John.

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