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I still think the Phelony interaction all comes down to them not knowing what JKJ's contract status is and whether or not he's staying. It's some random storyline to throw him in, but it makes zero sense. I also thought they could easily explain it by having him do this for his father - trying to find the murderer to get Caroline out because it is so important to his dad that she be set free. I wouldn't even mind it if maybe Philip was trying to frame Melanie in order to free Caroline. That would make some sense, at least. But having Philip interact with children as potential love interests is getting very old. I keep wondering after Melanie, who's next? Ciara? Allie? Nicole's fetus?

Nicole has been sucking me in with her storyline these past few days. I am so rooting for her, and loving the way they're writing her reaction to this pregnancy. I'm starting to wish she didn't have feelings for EJ, because she deserves better than Sami's lapdog. They have great chemistry and I liked their story until this past week, but I hate how EJ doesn't want Nicole the way she wants him. She deserves better!

Still hate Sami. Still want to smack her everytime she's on screen. But Nicole is making even Sami watchable for me, which is a pretty big feat in my book. :)
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