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Nicole Dimera
Oct 14 2008, 11:55 AM
I don't like Phillip and Melanie. They have no chemistry and she's bratty.
It's maddening because I like Melanie. I have no issues with her being a bad girl. I have no issues with friction between her and Stephanie, her and Max, her and Chelsea. Today shows her softer side with Nick and it's so frustrating to see them possibly think of going down this road but obviously are too gunshy to fully commit.

The issue is as usual the show is going about trying to ruin her by placing her in situations she doesn't belong. This happened with Morgan when they decided to bring her in the dock wars through her father. That story had so many problems but it looks honestly well thought out then the forced nature of Melanie going to Philip for help. It makes Melanie look bad and a lot of the good setup they have done for her is being thrown out the window because all anyone can concentrate on (me included) is how wrong she is for Philip and why in the name of that last good hairdo (not his) would Philip even care about Melanie or her situation.
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