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This idea was mentioned in the JER thread so I thought I would start it. I figured we could all just recall our favorite JER stories, memories, etc. I don't know how to post clips and stuff so, hopefully, others can do that.

My all-time favorite story of his wasn't even really his story. It started in 1991 when John was revealed to not be Roman. JER came on in 1992 as a co-HW with Sheri Anderson and I still believe that was the best Days had ever been under the both of them. They both balanced each other quite well. Sheri grounded JER and JER made Sheri's writing more compelling from a dramatic aspect.

Anyway, they both together took the affair story and turned it into one of the most compelling stories I've ever seen. Everything had a flow to it. J&M gave into passion, Sami caught them one night...leading to her kidnapping Belle and her eating disorder, Marlena no longer was the town saint, the reveal shattered Marlena's image and was just one of the most real moments on Days ever. It wasn't over the top. It was a realistic reveal at a baptism. The aftermath of this story led to Maison Blanche (another favorite of mine) and the Possession.

The affair story was just gutty, gritty, realistic, character-driven drama. It was Days at it's best and it's the kind of stuff that I believe is what soaps are all about. Never had I been more emotionally affected by dramatic scenes (other then deaths and goodbyes of course) like I was when Roman and Marlena had that dramatic face off at their home. Wow...how the show and Wayne and Dee never won an Emmy for that stuff is beyond my comprehension.

Anyway, that story was my fave and JER was a big part of that, along with Maison Blanche which was IMO the best example of how to bring a character back (Kristian Alfonso as Hope Brady) in soap history. Just a brilliant, gothic story which featured a very dramatic climax that set in motion so many stories.

If anyone can post clips of these, that would be great because these stories really were JER at his best.
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