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Sharongate, bitches!

JER can call himself an Emmy winner and WGA Award winner because of GL, and it was the only place he came in contact with the equally controversial Jill Farren Phelps. I've always through those two are the most controversial figures to hit the daytime landscape over the past 20 years, and both are deeply polarizing figures.

I'll do some GL moments, since I know this thread will be DAYS/Passions dominated. Even though Nancy Curlee and Stephen Demorest deserve most of the credit for GL's early 90's golden era, JER was their Co-HW from 91-92. Here are some highlights from that time.

The GREAT Springfield blackout, which was a springboard for more stories and a climax for other stories. I've been told many times that this event was JER's idea, and I know he later did a blackout event on DAYS.

The wonderful introduction of Bridget Reardon and how she would assimilate into so many great stories from that time. Bridget in the attic and Nadine faking a pregnancy with a pillow baby, in an attempt to try to pass Bridget's baby off as her own was very JER, and in a good way.

The WONDERFUL Country Club resolution with Roger Thorpe and Alexandra Spaulding (then played by the late great Beverlee McKinsey). Again, like JER usually does, something big came out in a very public arena and it was absolutely wonderful to watch.

The Daniel St. John storyline, which was very dark, and drew up some good Roger and Holly scenes/history.

The great Spaulding/Lewis Oil business wars from this time, though probably more Curlee and Demorest, occurred during JER's time there as well.

There's more I'm forgetting, but that's all for now.
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