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My earliest memory of a Jimmy Reilly story was definitely Buried Alive, but I got hooked on Marlena's Posession and stayed there until the end of Sally Sussman-Morina's run at DAYS.

It was just a fascinating tale to me...this pretty soap diva, this heroine everyone knew was speaking in demonic tongues and voices and acting all kinds of crazy.

I remembered being in checkout and thumbing through Soap Opera Digest while my mom was paying and reading "Head Writer Jimmy Reilly says..." And then, at that point(despite knowing it was fiction), I realized that writers created and develiped this stuff. And ever since then, I wrote little soap stories growing up, taped DAYS and different soaps over the years, and to this day, I'm still an ardent follower of the genre.

It's because of this spark of interest, this ability to develop a daily drama and make it into something that resonates with an audience, that I still follow and watch the genre. Despite the many warnings and death threats, I refuse to believe that daytime is over.

Reilly did his job. He got me watching soaps and got me hooked and I stayed there, even if I didn't stay with him.
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