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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Sami says her goodbyes and she is escorted to a secret loft; Nicole experiences a bad night of babysitting.

Max admits to Bo that he's suspicious that Melanie may have killed Trent; Chelsea admits she feels horrible for what she said to Kate.

Sami fakes illness in order to convince Darrell to let her see a doctor; Philip tells Chloe that Kate has cancer.

Kate undergoes her first round of chemotherapy; Lexie and Abe doubt their decision to expose Theo to the public eye.

Stephanie confides in Philip about her relationship worries; EJ arrives to defend Nicole when she is arrested.

National Enquirer spoilers

Kate tells Lucas and Phillip she has lung cancer.

Sami is alone with stranger in the apartment.

Second Chances

Daily spoilers

Monday, October 27th
Sami covers Johnny's revelation and says goodbye; Chloe and Lucas are intimate; Nicole baby-sits Johnny; Nick tells Melanie that he can help establish her innocence if she stays; Chelsea wants to confide in Nick that she worries about Kate.

Tuesday, October 28th
Max admits his worry that Melanie may have killed Trent; Trent's will leaves all to Melanie but a box and a letter; Kate says she has lung cancer and wants Lucas to run the business; Chelsea runs to Kate's treatment with a St. Sofia medal; photo shoot.

Wednesday, October 29th
Darrell gets reassigned when he realizes Sami is faking illness; Bo opens an envelope intended for the police but doesn't tell Melanie; Philip cements his status with Chloe; Nicole plans to decorate the nursery, and she and EJ discuss marriage.

Thursday, October 30th
When Nicole is arrested, she fears EJ doesn't believe her; Sami drugs her new guard, just as a stranger appears; Kate has chemotherapy, but her odds aren't good; an interview overwhelms Theo, and Abe and Lexie question his public exposure.

Friday, October 31st
Stephanie confides in Philip about Melanie; Nick offers to let Mel stay with him at Maggie's; EJ tries to defend Nicole, who has been arrested, and she freaks out; an intruder spooks Sami, but the man is an FBI agent, Rafe, who will replace Hilda.

**UPDATED 10/21**

Daytime Dial spoilers


* Trent’s will is read to Max and Melanie.

* Kate tells Philip and Lucas that she has lung cancer.

* Daniel asks Chelsea if she’ll ever be able to forgive him and Kate.

* Stephanie worries that Melanie will always come between her and Max.

* Lexie worries about thrusting Theo further into the public eye with Abe’s election.

Thursday – Nicole is arrested for the murder of Trent Robbins.

Friday – Sami is alone to defend herself from a mysterious intruder.

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