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Oct 15 2008, 12:12 AM
Sweeps starts on Wed Oct 29, so some decent stuff BETTER start happening. Right now, it's holding pattern central.
That is no surprise. October usually sucks for ALL soaps. That goes back as far as I remember. Usually it seems like one soap does something big and the rest merely set things up for November. Once in awhile you get a year where maybe 2-3 soaps do something like last October.

This year only AMC is doing something big and even with them many people are upset they aren't doing the tornado during sweeps. The emphasis is always on sweeps and the holidays and summer. Months like October, March, and April tend to slide through the cracks as a whole. Those months are always horrible overall on soaps. Soaps usually rock from November-February as they amp things up for the sweeps periods and for the holidays. They feel it's the best chance to get viewers. Then March and April serve to set up May sweeps and summer and then September and October usually set up the action for November. It's always that way.

Having said that, October hasn't been that bad. Sure, if you expect events every day you will be disappointed but the show has done some good stuff this month. The Nicole/Sami pregnancy story has really gotten going and the Trent stuff is progressing and I don't think it's moving slowly. The guy was killed on September 26. It's only October 15. Let the stories breathe. The show is getting stories in order after months of conflict behind the scenes. The writing team just got re-organized with everyone being put back into proper positions. The show is stabilizing and building other stories so they can intersect them with the current ongoing ones and then the stories that were put on hold of late will be featured again. It happens. We have some exciting stuff coming with the Mayor and Sami and the Abe running for mayor story has been pretty exciting.

The show and it's stories have direction for the first time in months. They are building to something and that is what soap storytelling is. You go into lulls. The show doesn't have alot going this month but you appreciate simpler things like character interaction you will be enjoying what the show is giving you. It's all up to whatever you are looking for.

These CDN spoilers are always vague and always seem boring. Until we get the dailies, it's hard to even get a read on how good or bad the week may be and even then the spoilers don't always feature everything that happens. We'll see. I do like Nicole babysitting. That should be fun and Sami saying her goodbyes could be good.
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