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Oct 11 2008, 10:22 AM
lady - I read that since Ari left Days, she took some improv and acting classes which she says really helps her since there is very little rehearsals on the soap. You can tell she has improved since her last stint because I really didn't think she was that good last time.
Did love her back and forth with Sami though back in the day. Too bad they are so hostile nowadays.

Drake also did some acting classes while he was off and I think it really helped him develop NuJohn.
Ari was horrible when she joined in 1998 but somehow she was sparked after Nicole married Lucas and got tossed in with Kate and Victor. From that point on, she just got better and better as an actress. The only time she lost it a bit was during the Bricole romance under JER. She lacked her spark but she has it now and they are allowing her to play many sides to the character, which allows her to show versatility in her acting.

I know Drake took classes but I think what is really helping is the fact that he's interested and is getting to basically play a new character. He's being allowed to be creative and anytime an actor gets something new and fresh, they really seem to have a renewed energy and seem to do well.
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