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Oct 14 2008, 10:58 PM
Upon reading the De Lacroix entry. Was there any reason why he seems to have hated Corday?
Actually, I think they were ok when he first started. I think things may have turned sour after Sheri left and JER became sole HW. I also think they disagreed over JER writing out Matt Ashford's Jack. Langan never liked Matt and once JER decided to write him out, Corday was basically outnumbered but I do think that may have started the slippery slope. Like Kenny said, I'm sure that he tried to interfere maybe after Sheri left or something and that did it. Langan kind of prevented Corday from doing much of anything in the 90's, which is why I think the show worked so well. He left it to Langan because he didn't like working with JER probably by that point and ratings were good. JER and Langan worked together and you only have one vision onscreen. Corday hated that JER left in 1997 and that really ratcheted up the tension. Corday did not want JER anywhere near the show in 2003. He felt it would be a mistake and he was right. He had to suck it up though because NBC made it necessary for him to return to keep the show.

Enough about that though as I want to keep this positive. One thing I really liked about JER's first run at Days (not so much after that run) is how he always had characters pay for their mistakes in some way and how he never whitewashed what a character did. He always provided a redeeming quality or redeemed the character in some fashion but made sure the character's actions were never swept under the rug. A good example of this is Vivian Alamain. She buried Carly alive and paid for it by being sent to a mental institution and was nearly lobotomized. She also then implanted herself with Victor and Kate's embryo and drugged Kate's pilot, forcing her plane to go down. However, they had her so remorse and you still couldn't turn on her. You saw her be blackmailed and lose everything. Hell, she even ended up poor near the end of JER's run. Her crimes were never forgotten. She paid for them in some way and she was still able to redeemed after all she did.

Same goes for Kristen too. She was still redeemable the whole time. You understood her motivation and I just loved that.

I also think the more secondary stories like Vivian/Victor/Kate and Jack/Jennifer/Peter go unappreciated. They had some fantastic moments. I still recall Kate's plane going down. That leads me to another reason why I loved JER and Sheri writing together. The Reed/Roberts family was created under them and so many great characters that still affect the canvas today were born under their reign together. Billie, Austin, Sami, Kristen, Peter, etc. They really knew how to introduce characters.

I also really enjoyed the Curtis Reed story and Kate learning Billie and Austin were her kids, along with the Kate/Laura rivalry. Just awesome stuff.

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