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A Look Back with Peggy and Suzanne
October 15, 05:48 PM

Just recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with two "Days of our Lives" veteran actresses, Peggy McCay and the Daytime Emmy award-winning actress, Suzanne Rogers.

I met up with Peggy as she was waiting for her photo shoot to begin. She is so full of life and immediately began sharing stories of growing up in New York. She's just as warm and friendly as she appears to be while playing the matriarch of the Brady family, Caroline. I was able to ask her a few questions that fans would love to get answers to.

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Days Insider: What would you say your favorite storyline has been?

Peggy McCay: I would say this current storyline is my favorite one. Being accused of Trent Robbins' murder and being caught with the murder weapon by my own son who's part of the Salem police department. You cannot get more dramatic than that.

D.I.: How does it feel to be sharing more scenes with John Aniston?

P.M.: I like working with John very much. He's a lovely guy, a pleasure to work with, that's for sure and what can I say, he's very handsome. Maybe he can be your next "Ask the Hunk." To Caroline, he's definitely a hunk!

Next, I sat down with Suzanne Rogers, who has played the character of Maggie Horton for over 34 years. When she first told me that, I had to reply with a "wow"! She doesn't even look old enough to be considered a veteran actress of the show. She considers "Salem" her home away from home.

The Virginia native was sweet enough to sit down with me and answer a few of my questions.

Days Insider: Are there any storylines that stick out for you as favorites?

Suzanne Rogers: Of course the red shoes storyline, I know everybody is thinking the red shoes. That movie was my favorite when I was a little girl, of course the show did not know that at the time. My first storyline was when my character was on crutches, and my husband at the time gave me a pair of red shoes to help encourage me to learn to walk and those magical red shoes worked. You know I still have those red shoes in my wardrobe closet. The next favorite storyline was when my character lost her adopted daughter. Of course, that was the storyline that won me my Emmy.

D.I.: Speaking of, where is that Emmy now?

S.R.: It's on my mantle in my den. It's the first thing you see when you walk into my house. I don't understand when people put them in their bathroom or hide them. What can I say? I want other people to see it, too!

D.I.: You are going to be at the "Day of Days" fan event, right?

S.R.: You better believe it! I can't wait to meet all of our fans that have been so loyal to us. They love our show and we do our best to keep it good. There may be some storylines that fans don't like, but as long as we keep things interesting, the core will always still be there. The core of our show is the romance. Let's bring back even more romance in daytime!

Here's a lovely photo of Suzanne behind the scenes of her latest photo shoot.

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Remember to stay tuned to my blog next week when I have a chance to sit down and talk to the latest hunks to grace the town of Salem: Eric Martsolf and Galen Gering.


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