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Sami comes face to face with mayor Marino's killer, Sami runs straight into EJ's arms this week.

"Sami freaks out and screams," says Alison Sweeney. Sami's survival instincts kick in and she manages to get away from him.

Sami runs to the mansion blabbering about the murder and interrupts an intimate moment between EJ and Nicole. She runs to EJ for safety and she trusts him to keep her safe, "Which is telling," says Sweeney.

The police and Roman arrive on the scene to take charge. Later, at the station, Sami describes the face of the mayor's killer to a sketch artist while the murderer plans to off Sami.

"The hit man knows Sami can ID him," explains Sweeney. So he is going to go after her immediately to make sure she can't testify.

Sami heads to the Horton cabin, desperate to keep safe with Lucas and EJ by her side. But the killer already has her in his sights. He takes a shot at Sami but EJ manages to knock her out of the line of fire - saving her life.

When Marlena, John and Roman arrive, Roman announces there's only one way to keep Sami safe; she'll need to disappear for a while and go into the Witness Protection program. Sami is opposed to that.

"She's even more against it when she learns she's be separated from her twins," insists Sweeney. "She doesn't want to be away from them and she doesn't want to leave Johnny in EJ's hands knowing Nicole and Stefano will be around him all the time." She focuses solely on her twins. It's actually Lucas who reminds her of her other child, her pregnancy. That's when she realizes she has to do the witness protection program; it's a stay of execution. She can avoid telling EJ she's pregnant for a while if she's in hiding."

Or so she hopes. But as an emotional Sami says goodbye to her parents, and the twins, little Johnny points to her belly and says, 'Baby.' EJ's alarm bells go off putting Sami in the line of fire once more.

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