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Hopefully Steve investigating the murder will give Steve and Kayla something to do rather than just be advice givers and such. If you're not going to give these two a storyline, get rid of them.

Are we really supposed to believe Nicole or any other major character killed Trent? I'm almost 100% the killer will turn out to be Claude.

I'm assuming Rafael is Galen Gerring's new character. Hate the name.

I wonder what makes Melanie put the brakes on with Nick. Could it be a result of the returning bad boy Will Roberts? I hope so! Unfortunately, it looks like Melanie's gold-digging ways will keep Nick in her orbit.

I don't even give a damn about John and Marlena's storyline anymore. This could have all been wrapped up by summer and we could be at this point. The storyline has gone on far too long and I don't feel that anything's been accomplished. That's sad. But at least they're being featured, so that's a plus I guess.

My money's on Bo and Hope going after Claude and ending up in danger, but together, they pull through it, only as Bo and Hope could.

How many damn internships is Stephanie going to have? She should be freaking working for a business by now. I wonder if Philip's going to start going after Stephanie now. This is one pairing that I truly don't think I'll have a problem with, only because, despite the fact that Stephanie is younger than Philip, there is history between Victor and Steve and Kayla that will cause so much golden conflict for these two. People have wanted Philip and Stephanie for years. I could see it happening.

So we're not getting Phloe at all? It looks like we're headed for a Lucas/Chloe/Brady triangle. From what I got from when Chloe returned last year, their marriage was hell. How could she think that life with Brady would make her happier? I really hope we're not just supposed to forget everything that Chloe said about the marriage last year. Rewriting history again.

I hope Abe's the new mayor. I'd love to see him in that role.

Overall, November doesn't seem that bad. I was expecting it to be worse to tell you the truth. It does have my interest, with the new mayor storyline, Sami's new storyline, Philip/Stephanie and I'm even excited about Brady coming home. I hope SOD has more detailed November sweeps. That's what usually happens. One magazine gives a brief article while the other gives more out, and it's more interesting.
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