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Thanks for posting. This is sweeps?

I actually like the idea of Philip/Stephanie. It's definately an improvement over Phorgan and Phelanie. But I don't want Philip used as an obstacle for Stax. Been there. Done that. Too many times.

I guess they've decided not to redo Phloe/Broe? Chloe's happy with Lucas? That's news to me. I guess this way Brady doesn't have too much competition.

They really want me to dislike Melanie don't they? Well, I think they've succeeded. Free Nick!

I can't believe they're writing a new romance for Sami. Just because you can't make everyone happy doesn't mean that you should make nobody happy. Can't they at least put Ejami together briefly before introducing yet another third party?

Where is EJ during all of this? Something's obviously missing.
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