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I'd want things resolved alot more than they are. That never seems to happen with this writing team though. We're just presented with a change as a fact, and don't get to see real growth. I think that's a shame.

Very well put. The "redemption" of St. EJ springs to mind. I'm still waiting on his apologies to everyone he tried to kill. I also didn't hear him apologizing to Sami for torturing her by making her think he had poisoned her and her unborn babies; I guess they didn't have time to fit that in to the five minute explanation of how December 29 was him thinking he was making love to her.

I don't think it's just this writing team, though. Lucas and Sami both got whitewashed beyond recognition by Hogan and both IMO suffered immensely for it. Hogan made EJ way too BSC and Dena tried to fix it through the magical combination of ignoring most of it and offering a half-hearted and insulting "explanation" for his actions towards one (and only one) of his victims. I've lost hope that EJ trying to kill Lucas by locking him in the freezer truck will ever be brought up. And I don't even like Lucas!
I can clearly remember EJ torturing Steve, whipping on him, patting him on the head and calling him "good dog". Then lately I've seen Steve and EJ chatting quite amiably. All that chaps my hiney, his "redemption" has to be the biggest crock since soaps began.


These are the reasons (well some of them anyway) why I hate EJami with a passion. EJ has so much to be forgiven for, and he hasn't apologized to anyone except Sami (and that was such a lame ass attempt at explaining the rape anyway - making love my patootie!). He didn't even apologize to John once it was acknowledged that he shot him and left him for dead.

I do see Nicole trying to make amends with the people she's hurt along the way. She's been trying to mend fences with Phil and Chloe, mentioning her mistakes that she made with them in the past. Personally I think Nicole has come further along in terms of redemption than EJ has.
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