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First, some general observations. I'm shocked these are out so early, which may be a factor in why the show only has what seems like an outline here. I mean, Whitesell just began being credited Monday and there are still some more writing team changes coming so the show is still more or less stabilizing. The stories are being built and getting some much needed direction so my initial thinking is that the show just put these out there to provide something, which is fine IMO. Spoilers are meant to be this vague. We've all been spoiled by the last 10 years or so of shows putting out spoilers that are pretty much summaries of what will happen. That is not what is supposed to happen. Your supposed to have to watch the show to see what happens. We need a return back to the days where you were given vague spoilers, sort of like we are given here, that simply told you some idea of what is coming without actually telling you. It's not the spoilers job to make you want to watch. It's the actual show's job on a daily basis to make you want to watch. Promos are designed more for that purpose as well as they can provide you more with a feeling of excitement but even they shouldn't spoil a story or the actual event. Therefore, it should be hard to see how good or bad sweeps will be. That is the point. You don't know and have to watch LOL. That is how it should be and then you can make a determination about it after the fact.

I should also add hardly ever does SOW give detailed sweeps or long-term previews. SOD does more of that. That is why I'm shocked they did here. I think the SOD ones for Days will contain a bit more but will probably still be vague, as it should be.

I also want to say too that ABC has really screwed up the current soap climate. There reliance on sweeps events in the past few years has led to many expecting every soap to pull a stunt every sweeps. You will notice even ABC doesn't do stunts anymore. They can't afford to. These soaps have changed their priorities IMO. Before, they were willing to let vets go if it meant still pulling off big stunts but now, not so much. I also think soaps are trying to revert back to the way things were in soaps. Sweeps didn't always mean big explosions, etc. Those would happen but not just during sweeps and weren't something you expected every sweeps. What was expected of sweeps was major development in story whether that meant a couple's love story taking a major step as they make love for the first time or a major secret being revealed or a murder being solved or whatever. Things like that. It doesn't necessarily mean story climaxes, stunts, and the like. Those things can happen but now it seems like alot of the audience has been conditioned to expect something like that during sweeps and, hell, the ratings show that the people who count in ratings only want that kind of stuff on a daily basis. I also want to note that AMC's big CGI tornado is airing in OCTOBER, not November. They are going to play out the aftermath in November. To me, that shows that soaps are going back to the old way of doing things and I'm glad.

Days did a stunt in February and that was really their first all-out sweeps stunt since the Salem bombings in 2001. Days doesn't usually do stuff like that, which made the plane crash all the more special. I prefer Days staying away from events like that unless they come from within the story. I don't want them to start doing what GH used to do and forcing stunts just because they feel they have to do something earth-shattering every sweeps. What happens then is the show flounders the rest of the year and any ratings gains you do get are pretty much gone two weeks after sweeps. I want the soaps to focus on the whole year, not just three months out of. Sweeps should be exciting, yes. However, that doesn't mean we need an earthquake or something. The trend with Days that has seemingly been the case for easily a decade is that they tend to really do well in months like December, January, June, August, and September. Even when Days does something good during sweeps, December and January usually still kick November's ass so I expect the same this year.

Now, I actually think there is some exciting stuff here. Not alot of detail but some promising items.

John hires Steve to find the mayor's killer, much to Kayla's chagrin.

PLEASE let this mean more then an appearance here and there for Steve and Kayla. I see potential here to set up something for them. Just glad to see them mentioned. I wonder why John hires him though. Hmm..

Nicole's innocence or guilt in Trent's murder remains a mystery

Ok...what the hell is this? Why would you even mention this? A better spoiler would've been "Nicole's innocence in Trent's murder is in question when something happens to put the cops on her trail." Something like that. It's vague yet effective. This looks like something the Riddler came up with to piss Batman off. Anyway, glad they are going to focus on Nicole's role as I feel it's been neglected a bit to build the baby story.

Sami meets her match in her new guard, Rafael.

Not in love with the name. It seems he may be called Rafe for short. I hope so. I prefer that. This just seems like Shuis II for me, which is fine because it plays to Galen's strength. Galen was never better then when he was acting off Mackenzie when Sheridan was still fiesty and fiery and since Sami is getting back to that now, this should be good. I like the idea of him watching her and it becoming something more. Fresh direction for Sami...ABOUT DAMN TIME!!

Melanie puts the brakes on Nick's interest in her, until it appears he might be able to make her some money.

Glad they are maintaining Melanie's money-hungry ways. I want the character to keep her edge and I like the sound of this. ir provides conflict for her and Nick. I don't expect Will IF he does return to show up until around Christmas so they have some time to build this.

John and Marlena discuss the fact that their divorce is final and analyze what it means for their future.

I'm glad they discuss this but man is this story in a holding pattern. If this doesn't show Days has no idea what to do with them after they reunite, I don't know what does. That and they are clearly worried about guarantees. They need to learn how to better manage that. As much as I loved seeing all the vets on every day earlier this year, it came back to bite the show in the ass. The balance the show had in say August and September is the way to do and I hope to see that in 2009. The one thing that I hope comes out of this is that they either go their separate ways for a bit or do something other then just coming together as part of some Christmas miracle (which I have a feeling may be happening). I don't want the show to create more story so that when they do reunite, they have something to do.

Bo and Hope discover Trent's killer.

Again, this goes back to what I said about guarantees so I won't repeat that. Just glad they are mentioned and I do hope this is more then just learning who it is and bringing them in. Make it an adventure or some sort of dangerous situation. Chance for some classic Bo and Hope here.

Philip offers Stephanie an internship at Titan.

FINALLY!!! Oh please don't let this be a tease. This is a story GOLDMINE. Higley, Corday, whoever...LISTEN!! This is the way to go. This opens up so much story for Steve, Kayla, Victor...do it. Please just do it. I'm kind of shocked to see this though since it seems Phloe were inevitable but now it seems on hold. I have to wonder if Jay maybe asked for something like this in negotiations or if him and Shelley are dating or something. Whatever the case, I will take it. This works, it doesn't annoy many people, it could kill Stax...love it. It will be good seeing Titan again too. I still have my doubts the show will commit to this but, if they do, what happens to Max? That would be a good question.

Chloe thinks she's happy with Lucas, but is she really happier with Brady?

Again, shocked they don't seem to be going to Phloe right now. We know Nadia was basically fired and now I have to wonder if Bryan was too but they changed their mind. The writing was on the wall for him but now Lucas is back in Sami's orbit and it seems we are getting a Lucas/Chloe/Brady triangle and not a a repeat of Philip/Chloe/Brady. I actually like this better as it's something new and Chloe and Lucas have developed into something refreshing. They have some real, relatable conflicts to deal with and I like that. I'm wondering how Brady returns and hope they play the problems Chloe and him had and that they at least acknowledge his drug use.

The new mayor of Salem is announced.

Well, I think we all know this will be Abe. It has to be for story purposes and the casting call that came out recently talks about Lexie potentially getting involved on a committee so there you go. My only wish is we got Abe and Lexie ACTUALLY mentioned here.

I also wish we had some Daniel/Kate stuff here but I'm not worried. These spoilers seem like a rush job so I will wait for the SOD ones and for the month to play out. I do think it's going to be at least a decent month. Higley usually does good sweeps months. February was good and May wasn't too bad and it seems the Trent story will be winding down so that's something.
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