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I actually think Days is more like Days then it has been since B&C. This is how Days was way back before JER completely changed the feel and tone and style. I mean, it's not perfect but it's more like Days then it was under Hogan. Don't get me wrong...I adore Hogan and loved his writing and I blame alot of that on Corday for interfering but Dena has brought back classic Lumi, made something out of the summer mess that was Lucas/Chloe/Sami/EJ/Nicole, given Abe and Lexie a worthy story, involved Caroline and Victor alot, and there is more but I'm trying to keep it short.

Higley isn't exactly my dream HW but I can't argue with the way the show is unfolding right now. With Scott gone, the stories have direction. We are getting great character interactions and a nice mix of character and plot-driven. There is some camp too. The writing team is coming into place and I feel like it will only get better from there. The only real thing I'm pissed about is the lack of Steve, Kayla, and Tony and wish the J&M stuff would get going but, other then that, the show is doing reasonably well IMO.

Everyone wants different things and that is the problem with Days. Some want the romantic adventure/supercouple stuff, some want realism, some want gothic/camp/etc, some want a mixture of things. There won't be pleasing everyone and I just hope the show realizes that because when they try to please everyone they fuck up royally and the show becomes directionless.

Oh, and Kenny...never watch any classic stuff on youtube for any current show still on the air and then watch the stuff on air now. Even being the positive person I am, I always think what we see now is much worse and that goes for ANY show. Hell, it even goes for American Idol :laugh: .
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