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Oct 17 2008, 11:53 AM
That's sad that DAYS is treating their only male actor to receive an Emmy in Lead Male in over 20 years like this.

People keep saying that they think the DiMera storyline is going to make a return and it's only on the shelf because of the writing backstage transitions. Well, I've always doubted that. I think it was a story that Scott wanted, and now that he's not there, we're not getting it. Period. Thaao sounds like he feels the same way and I think he would have more insight than us.
I agree that the Dimera civil war story has been dropped. Too bad; it had a lot of promise. I'm wondering if they will even continue with John's headaches and seizures or if that will be forgotten, like Stefano's deadly brain tumor from years ago.

I'd love to go to that DAYS event November 1. It sounds like most of the cast will be there.
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