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Oct 17 2008, 12:39 PM
Phoenix, could I ask that you stop giving perviews for the next day? I've gone back to not reading the day ahead previews, nor do I watch the episode a day ahead. And I'm finding myself enjoying the show much more. I like to be surprised. Take yesterday's episode for example. Had you not told me about Lucas and Sami's discussion about her asking him to be the father of her baby, I would have been blown away and loved every minute of it. But instead, you saw the episode ahead of time and started talking about it. Could you stop doing that? Stop talking about the episode that hasn't aired yet.

Keep giving us your in depth review of the day's episode, but I only ask that you stop giving previews for the next day. They're ruining it for me.
I'm sorry, Drew.

I used to just hint at things but the last two days I have been far too descriptive. I apologize. I guess I get excited and just wanted to help others get excited too. I do want to say though that others have done this before too in the past and it was no big deal and I did post my comments in the early part of today and it is technically the day the episode is airing on so I don't think it's technically a spoiler unless I'm sitting there mentioning it the day before. Darraholic responded to it too and sometimes people will mention the next day's episode since people have access to it whether it be online or by living in Canada. However, your right in that I'm being way too detailed so I will stop doing that out of respect for you and will try to keep it vague or use spoiler tags or something if I do comment on the next episode. :smile:
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