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Not offended at all, Drew. I understand what your saying.

Your right. I watch the episode and my first instinct is to discuss it, whether it's good or bad. Of course, with me, it's usually good LOL. However, the last few days I've been giving away too much. It's one thing to come in here and say "Don't miss tomorrow" or something like that. Keeping it vague is how I was doing it for awhile because it just happened to come up in my posting for the episode that aired. That is what I am going to try to do, if I do comment.

The purpose behind it was not to get people to watch. Most people will do it on their own. I just want to discuss the episode once I've seen it LOL. Sure, if I see many people in the thread hating an episode or unhappy with it, I say something like it's better tomorrow or something. I know it's not my job to do it but damn if it was I could do it well LOL. It's a wonder why someone from NBC or Days hasn't noticed how I post by now. I mean, seriously...I may as well work for them with my enthusiasm and obsession when it comes to Days :laugh: .

Spoilers never bother me nor does the day ahead but I do advocate that people go unspoiled. They don't bother me or ruin the show for me but I do know they can for others. That is why for years I've said the show needs to cut it out with the detailed spoilers and day aheads. For many, it would make a world of difference. It does make the show better and I'm glad it has for you.

I will stop rambling now. No worries...I will keep my lips sealed from now on unless someone wants to know :smile: .
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