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Jane, you actually have a point.

I've been thinking...usually when Days does business stories people complain they are bored and since many don't see the Dimera organization as a legitimate business, where do you go with it? It's hard to do a battle for an empire when all the opponents live with each other and I'm sure there would've been a way to do it but I have a feeling it may have ended up not going so well.

I still believe it hasn't been dropped though. I just think they are setting it up to involve Lexie more and I think they want it to be more about EJ and/or Tony vs Stefano without John tossed in there. That's fine. I mean, John has enough money anyway. If it's been dropped, I will be sure to eat crow but I think it's just on hold until they can get to a point where other stories can intersect with it.

One thing that bothers me. What did Thaoo mean by a producer saying "Its not always about talent." That makes me think there may be some disagreement over vision yet again. I hope not. Things seem in sync right now and while I do wish characters like Tony, Anna, Steve, Kayla, etc were getting more story and airtime, this show can't afford more backstage shit. It really can't. That is why things keep getting dropped all the time. There is never no stabilization. It's like things start up, lose direction, get dropped, start again, writer is fired, regime change, and the cycle starts over. I would just like to see one year without any backstage bullshit and with a stable cast, crew, and regime in place. If it doesn't work, fine but at least the show will have tried to let the vision permeate onscreen.

I do feel awful for Thaoo. He should be on more. The man was nominated for an Emmy but I do think that is the only reason he is still here. Tony and Anna were all but written out in May. They got married offscreen...you could tell they were done. Corday just couldn't let him go after he got nominated. I mean, he had let the talented Martha Madison go and Judi Evans had been let go too and she was up for an Emmy as well. He couldn't justify it so he kept him and Anna but I think it's clear he would've been gone by now if not for that.
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