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I enjoyed today's show!
Loved me some Lexie and Stefano, and you were right...Lexie was back a bit today. I love Lexie like that! I don't like sweet, docile Lexie like she has been...I like a little bit of bad ass in my Lexie.
So really, whoever is writing now, we have my Lucas back and my Lexie visiting! It's been great!

EJ and Nicole dancing around the same thing again, and Nicole coming off as a little bit desperate, but if it gets EJ to disrobe her, then I am sure she will keep it up. Pretty hot stuff for a man who seems to be pining over Sami, but he IS a man!

Loved Chloe finding out and slapping Lucas...and their scene was pretty decent. Glad Chloe finds out because it add another perspective, and maybe Sami will be forced to tell someone.

Sami is still driving me crazy. I know she keeps harping on being so afraid of Stefano, but really. He has tamed a bit, EJ is vigilant over Johnny, John Black is on her side, Marlena and Roman are paying attention, Tony and Anna are living with them...what is the big friggin deal about Stefano? Her little back and forth (I can't tell him, I need to tell him, I will tell him the truth, etc.) is driving me crazy. End it already!!!

Melanie/Stephanie was a little obnoxious but maybe it is because I really can't stand Steph and Melanie grates on me a bit. I so look forward to Max dumping Steph's ass coming up! They need a break...or really, I do.

Good show today, excellent cliff hanger...

And Pheonix - for what it is worth, I really look forward to the next days shows when you give a little preview and you get all excited!!! But that is just me!

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