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Oct 17 2008, 06:30 AM
I'd like to see John and Marlena both as independent strong people again. I also agree that I'd rather have seen Marlena work for John's love and her stick with him thru this brain cloud crisis that seems to have disappeared for the moment.

I do think the writers are having trouble thinking up any other storyline, but I really don't understand why. I can think of so many stories I'd love to see them in that have nothing to do with breaking them up. Risk and angst and concern, yes, but I'd like some stories about the strength of love and triumph vs. love failing. Ensemble stories where J&M and other characters are involved in the community and get caught up in taking risks to help others, making a difference. I love a good love story, but they haven't had a good love story on this show in quite a while. I'd rather have some good stories that lead to new love stories for other couples while showing the strength of love these 'special' couples who have already had their love tested instead of a break them up put them back together story.

I know I'm dreaming, but I do think good stories could be written. There can still be angst and fun and love shown for a couple already deeply in love.

J&M are my favorite couple, but I am also usually a general fan as well. I'm following other stories like Abe/Lexie, Date, and Stefano stuff, but there is no really good story keeping me involved and that's probably my biggest problem. I'm trying to keep watching.
I agree, there are so many story ideas, where a couple like J&M and other long time couples can have conflict without resorting to third parties. I realize that fan fic writers focus on certain couples, but even if half their ideas were used you could have story for years. I miss seeing couples that truly 'like' each other. I'm only speaking for myself, but that's what I always liked the most about my favourite couple (J&M). I have seen it in them here and there, like on Thursday's show. I just hope when they do get some more scenes together that connection between them is built on. I like the 'good guys', lol

Bring Martha's Belle back and there would actually be one character in the 25-35 year old range that I could root for.
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