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Oct 17 2008, 06:09 PM
Oct 17 2008, 05:45 PM
Wow....Mitch :laugh: .

I'm all for what your suggesting but I wouldn't expect that until December/January when the slate is clean and the show doesn't have to worry about contract guarantees. I wouldn't say the wrong characters are getting story because the show is balanced and it was all vets all the time early this year, which is why the show can't use some of them now because they used them too much early on this year.

The show does need some big things though like weddings, major reveals, etc. Not necessarily events but things to upset the applecart, so to speak. My hope is that we will start getting things like that soon now with the stories getting direction and finally going somewhere and the writing team coming into place.
You caught me in a bad mood.

The show is actually not THAT bad...but really though, this show needs a HUGE shot in the arm.

We need a spectacle, like I said, something unbelievable needs to happen to shake the show up.
I agree. However, they need to build stories first because they didn't do that in spring and summer because of all the shit behind the scenes. I don't want a stunt though. The show did a stunt back in February. Hell, they just did one in August with the lockdown. That is why I'm surprised. Some are acting like Days has done nothing in awhile for sweeps. February was huge. May had some big moments and did well ratings-wise. August had Bope's wedding and the lockdown. September had Trent's murder. I know some don't care about Trent but it's still something big. This isn't some extended lull of no action whatsoever. The stories are building and coming into place. The show is stabilizing after the hell of this spring and summer. Once it does and once the show knows what is going on with their budget situation (let's remember they have yet to be "officially" renewed), I think then they can worry about stunts and events and with Tomlin, Higley, and Whitesell there I expect to get them. They love those kinds of things.
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