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Oct 17 2008, 08:23 PM
Oct 17 2008, 03:10 PM
Well, we all know why there was waffling back and forth. It was because of the behind the scenes clashing.

That scene where John empowered Marlena did mean something. It was really the first time he showed her signs that he was changing. That he would be there for her.

Through Kayla and Anna/Nicole, Marlena and John have voiced their feelings over the situation. They can't to each other because then they could wrap this thing up in an episode. Marlena thinks this is for the best and her reasoning was explained in scenes with Kayla and Anna. We also saw where John stands in his scenes with Anna and Nicole so they do mean something.

Everything you mentioned has furthered the story in my view but, then again, I'm one of the few who still thinks this whole J&M story has maintained a constant throughline the whole year so go figure. I guess we can't agree but that's fine. Each person can see a scene or story differently. It all comes back what we want from the show and the stories, really.
I do see parts of your points, but I agree to disagree overall. As I've said, I did like some of the scenes. My disappointment is the overall lack of story.

My point about the empowerment scene is that it has not seemed to mean anything to Marlena. She didn't mention it to Anna or Kayla when she talked to them. All she talked about was how bad John was and him hitting Trent. No point/counterpoint type of logic. It was a very important scene to me. It seemed like for Marlena it was forgotten. Had she seemed torn in the least, as in, why is he sometimes good sometimes bad, it would have meant more to me. It played more like a scene where she realizes there is just no hope for John because he is hopeless, when the last scene we saw between her and John before these talks was full of promise and hope. His words were sweet and wonderful and amazing. How would they not be on her mind?

I liked the Kayla and Anna scenes despite my thought that Marlena shouldn't have to be told not to give up by them. But where is the follow-up? They seem standalone, and some very good opportunities were missed. Kayla used to consider herself John's sister. They were close. Does she care that he may be dying? Did she mention what's going on to any of her family? Steve? Anyone??? John was like family at one time. He actually really is family now. John did save Steve's life on the plane. Kayla did steal John's kidney. Where is her angst? John could be dying, and all Kayla feels is sympathy for what Marlena is going thru?

And while I have no idea what was happening behind the scenes, to me it makes more sense that Ed was frustrated with the lack of direction and that's when he stepped in. The story got better imo during the time Ed supposedly stepped in. But I have no way of really knowing what happened.

Why would Marlena mention it to Kayla or Anna? She mentioned John was trying to convince her that he was trying to change, which was indirectly hinting at it. She only talked alot about Trent because she was concerned about John's behavior. One minute he's doing what he did in the empowerment scene and a few days before that he's punching Trent out of nowhere. She was confused over that at the time. That empowerment scene was just a start so expecting it to be some big turning point is a bit much. This past Thursday was a big turning point in that John made a drastic change for Marlena. She was torn. She was torn over the fact that she was going through with this divorce even though she really didn't want to but felt she had to. It's what she thinks is best.

Kayla cares he may be dying but she also has a little thing called doctor/patient confidentiality and let's remember they know nothing of John's condition. They've never seen anything like it before so they aren't even sure he is dying. They just know it's likely serious. She's not just going to run around telling people until they know something and even then it's Marlena who will have to say something as Kayla is his doctor.

Ed was stepping in for awhile. He and Higley were clashing from May on. Ed wasn't in complete control until late summer. The clashing and then his complete takeover of the writing was what led to no direction in stories for over 3 months. Regardless of Ed being frustrated, it's not right and he ended up doing far more harm then good.

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