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Oct 17 2008, 05:04 PM
Technicall question. Is the budget better, or is Tomlin better at saving/remodeling? Because yesterday we actually saw Nicol´s hotel room, we saw the abortion clinic, we saw the Kiriakis pool, we saw Nicol´s new room today (and poor Stephano having to spend time there while Nicol/EJ were romping downstairs :)) and from the promo it looks like Melanie will finally get her own room too.

Plus there were some simple "extemporary" sets like the Saxton´s checkroom and Mayor´s office. I like that.

I doubt the budget is better, although maybe not using Hope, Steve, Kayla, etc as much is helping this month. It was said Tomlin wanted to use more sets so who knows. This time a year we usually see more sets anyway. It happened last year. For spring and summer, we saw the same sets but things opened up in fall and winter so maybe they have a certain amount of money set aside for sets and save where they can so they can use more when they have to or later on. I do agree it's been nice seeing some new sets. Makes things better.

Friday was a very good show and a nice way to set things up in an exciting fashion for next week.

Loved the Max, Stephanie, and Melanie scenes. Shelley is great when she gets more to do then just stand there. Loving Stephanie and Melanie as rivals. Burnett is just a find and Melanie is such a great potential vixen. The way she just stood there confidently...loved it. Her demeanor completely changed after Stephanie left and that is typical since she likes to rope her brother in. Darin and Molly work so well together. Both characters make each other better. I just love the twist too of Melanie not remembering what happened. It made for such a great cliffhanger when she told Max that. Really enjoyed the scenes today.

Loved the Lumi scenes and Chloe being a nosy bitch. Her snooping and the way she got out of being caught was great. Loved her slapping Lucas. Haven't gotten a slap on the show in awhile. Loved the Chloe/Lucas scenes. I also want to say too I loved the flow of the final act. We got EJ/Nicole making out, Sami catching them, then we switched to Max/Melanie and their cliffhanger, switch to Lucas and Chloe where Lucas told her that Sami is probably telling EJ the truth (of course she wasn't) which setup the scene of Sami running off and coming upon the killer and mayor perfectly. That is the way to end an episode, especially a Friday one. It all tied nicely together and flowed. I just loved the end scene with the mayor. Well-done and executed. Mendolza has the right look for the role. Very chilling scene and nice quick cut out as Sami saw what had happened.

Loved the EJ/Nicole scenes. Good to see them having some direction now and the Stefano conflict, as I said yesterday, is just wonderful. It's the perfect conflict with so much potential. Their love scene was HOT. Wow. I also had to laugh at Stefano being relegated to Nicole's room while she and EJ had sex downstairs :laugh: . I want to add to that I loved seeing Caroline again today and it was nice seeing her have a talk with Sami. That used to happen alot, especially under JER. She seemed to always be Sami's sounding board so it was nice to see a return to that. Very familiar.

Stefano was in rare form today. Loved when he threatened the mayor and loved the way the mayor squirmed and rushed to Stefano's, fearing things were over (which they were but not how he thought). The actor (who did a great job today) and character will be missed. I wish we got more of him. He was so slimy but I thought he was necessary. It was about time someone called Bo and Roman on their shit. Loved how Lexie dealt with the mayor. Lexie DIMERA definitely came out a bit today. Please, Days!! Give her back her edge. Let's see Lexie more like she was today. It's been so long since we saw that fire in her. It was so welcome and I see potential here to draw her somewhat back to her Dimera ways. I also want to say that the Lexie/Stefano scenes were a delight (they always are). Renee and Joe work so well together. Lexie totally played on Stefano's desire to be a bigger part of Theo's life. I did hate how they acted as if Stefano has been badgering Lexie to see Theo or that he had some sort of relationship with him to begin with but I do like the fact that Lexie turned to Stefano to bring down Marino and protect Theo. That was logical as she felt they needed to fight dirty, just like Marino. Abe probably won't be happy when he finds out, which is why I see potential here to draw her back into the Dimera fold. Well-done scenes though. I just love how Stefano tried to act calm when in reality he was angry as hell as he learned that Marino had involved Lexie and Theo in the campaign.

All in all, a very good Friday and a solid week. Hopefully, the show can maintain the current momentum.
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