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I liked seeing Chloe being mischevious in Friday's episode. Who would have thought that eight years ago, we'd see Chloe sneaking into a clinic and reading private information that's illegal to do? Chloe's always been a bitch, but since her return, she's a diva bitch and it sort of works for her. Before, Chloe was boring because she never really showed emotion, only on rare occasions. Since she returned last year, Chloe has this fire in her now and I like it.

I'm a Lucas and Chloe fan and I'm not afraid to admit it. I hated them in the beginning, just because it was so random and they were poorly brought together. But that's because I believe Lucas and Chloe as a pairing was an Ed Scott idea and Higley, who didn't want this pairing, was forced to write these two together and gave them a very half-ass beginning. But the writers seem to be committed to them for the time being, or at least until Brady returns. And even after Brady returns, we seem to be getting a triangle between the three, so I'm happy.

I LOLed at Chloe slapping Lucas today. That had to have been the weakest, fakest and most stupid slap I've seen on a soap in years. It was horrible. The director definitely should've called cut and had Nadia Bjorlin do that scene again with more emotion. There was no emotion in the slap. It as was horrible.

I was surprised to see Lucas tell Chloe about Sami's pregnancy so soon. But he has his own life and Sami's secret was going to interfere with his personal life with Chloe, and Lucas, being the selfish person he really is, isn't going to let that happen so he spilled Sami's secret.

Sami's scenes at the park with Johnny were nice. I loved seeing Caroline today. Caroline has always been the family member Sami can go to and tell her anything without fears of being judged upon like she would had she went to Roman or Marlena.

However, I have to say poor Allie. She gets no love from her mother. You can tell Johnny is Sami's favorite, and I wonder if that'll come into play once they decide to SORAS the twins years from now. Hopefully Allie will resent Sami the same way Sami resents Marlena.

Joseph Mascolo and Renee Jones were great as always. It makes sense for Lexie to go to the mansion and threaten Stefano's relationship with his grandson if he doesn't stop supporting the mayor, but it would've actually made more sense and made sense had we actually saw a scene between Stefano and Theo maybe. It's never happened and because of that, it didn't impact me as much as it could've if Stefano and Theo have interacted before.

And Phoenix was right when he said that Lexie DiMera came out in Friday's episode. It certainly did. The way she was talking to Marino, threatening his campaign by playing dirty herself, the same way he does, the look in her eye reminded me of when she had a scene with Craig Wesley at the hospital, right after the baby switch scandal was revealed and Lexie was revealed to be a part of it and the hospital was being threatened as a result. I think it's darraholic's avatar. The look on Jones' face, I think it's her eyes, it's just so chilling and you know she means business at this point. I loved it!

I still don't think James Scott and Arianne Zucker have any chemistry together. But the storyline is no longer feeling like it's being forced to me because of the pregnancy angle and Stefano's new involvement in this storyline. It now works for me because I have other things to look forward to than EJ and Nicole's forced scenes together. I love Nicole with Stefano and it's cute when they get together and start ranting on about the upcoming baby. I just have a bad feeling about Nicole once the baby is born. Stefano's not going to need to be nice to her anymore and that may break Nicole because she's being accepted by this older man, a father figure, that she never really had. It makes sense. She was very taken by Victor in the beginning when he showed her attention. She gave him her everything because she never had that safe feeling from an older man due to her daddy issues. Now, she has Stefano.

I felt that the love scene between EJ and Nicole was not that great and I really didn't want to see it, but I understand why they had to do it there in the living room of the mansion. Sami had to see it, which then resulted in her being so caught up in what she saw that she didn't even realize that she had just walked onto a crime scene. The look in Sami's eyes as she looked at the killer checking Marino's pulse and when their eyes met, it was great. I got chills. Great Friday cliffhanger.

The pub scenes were decent, especially after Stephanie left. Darin Brooks and Molly Burnett have such an amazing sibling chemistry and I love them in scenes together. They work very well together. Burnett is just a true gem and she was a great find by the casting department. She does have the potential to be a true soap vixen. She can hold her own against top performers and she's prooved that in scenes with Peter Reckell, Jay Kenneth Johnson and Roscoe Born. She's just great and I don't want her going anywhere. I still think she would've made a better Jeannie Donovan, but I can't complain anymore. Melanie now has a place in Salem, IMO.

The catfight was a let down. I thought we were goign to get a real one, not some little shoving and hair pull thing. I was let down by that, for sure.
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