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Oct 18 2008, 01:00 AM
Oct 17 2008, 05:40 PM
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You have a point, Drew. The story won't be the same so the story that was planned has been dropped. I will concede that and simply say we still may get a battle over the Dimera empire. I mean, John has already been taken out of play so we know it will be different.

Sindacco, when Higley was writing in 2003 a big deal was made out of Corday saying Stefano was not needed. He started that shit in 2002 when tony returned, saying they would explain the origins behind the Brady/Dimera feud through Tony. I honestly think Corday doesn't like the character of Stefano anymore. I think he feels the show is beyond him now and he wants to move away from him. He made his feelings known then. Joe is said to be a bit of a diva so maybe that plays into it. Not sure.

Higley seems to like writing for bad guys/crime bosses so I feel she has no problem with Stefano. I can't be sure if she necessarily wanted to write for him right now but I think she has no trouble with it. I also wouldn't say we are seeing Stefano less. He was on three times this week, twice I believe last week, and quite a bit in September and a ton in August so he's being used. Its just that he doesn't have one clearly-defined story right now with the battle for the empire not being played.
I think Corday can't stand Joe M and Stefano. I think that's why Joe disappears so much. He only brings him back when he needs to "save" the show for the millionth time.

Well, I do know how the DiMera feud storyline outline was supposed to go. So if they do bring it back, I'll know if it's new or not. And I'll let yinz guys know. :rockon:
I don't think Corday hates Joe. I think he was hoping to be through with Stefano yet he keeps going back to him because he feels he has to. It's a quick fix. Quick fizes is why soaps are in trouble in the first place but I digress. I do think Corday and Joe have their moments but Joe is said to be kind of a diva so that is expected. I don't think Tomlin put the kibosh on the Dimera story. That kind of story was something I think Tomlin would be behind. More then likely it got lost in the shuffle like past stories or Corday himself ended it. With Ali pushing for the pregnancy and all, it seems the Sami/Lucas/Chloe/Nicole/EJ stuff has taken center stage from the Dimera story. They clearly wanted to develop that story and the Trent stuff so other stories were pushed out of the spotlight.

I would love to know how the Dimera feud was supposed to play out. As Drew said, I doubt if they bring it back it will be the same as John is already out of the running so it will definitely be different.
There are 3 stages for the feud. The final stage was the shocking one, imho. They started the first stage which was EJony v John. Then they dropped it.
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