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Captain Kirk

This week was kinda boring, but Friday's show was great!

I really hope the show keeps Molly, she is just awesome and has huge potential to be Salem's next vixen like others here have said. I got a kick out of Stephanie and Melanie going at it, too bad Max was in the way. I like that Melanie really has no idea if she killed her father or not. I don't read the spoilers, so I could be way off but I think Stephanie is going to think Melanie is lying about not remembering anything from the night of Trent's murder and be pissed that Max believes his sister and not her.

Lexie/Stefano scenes are always good and it was no different today. How I wish Lexie would go back to her evil ways or at least every now and then. When Lexie threatened the mayor I was thinking oh shit out comes evil Lexie. :wub2: I wonder if Lexie will be thankful to Stefano if and when she learns it was him who had Marino killed. I did have to laugh with Stefano just standing in Nicoles room when there are supossedly so many rooms in the Dimansion everyone has lost count.

I liked the idea of Sami at least thinking about having an abortion, but I wish the scenes were written better in today's show. They could have been more emotional, I would have liked to have seen Sami completely breakdown right there with Lucas comforting her. Chloe spying on them was fun and I am glad someone else in Salem knows Sami is pregnant. Of course with that oversized curtain Sami is wearing it couldn't be more obvious Sami si preggers. I agree that slap was weak, but at least we finally got one its been too long since the last slap.

The last scene was well done, looking forward to next week. Glad we got a good Friday cliffhanger.
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