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Oct 18 2008, 10:30 PM
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I'm all for what your suggesting but I wouldn't expect that until December/January when the slate is clean and the show doesn't have to worry about contract guarantees. I wouldn't say the wrong characters are getting story because the show is balanced and it was all vets all the time early this year, which is why the show can't use some of them now because they used them too much early on this year.
Everyone's contract is up in December?
No. In January, they can start over with appearances. It's a new year. In 2008, the show used the vets nonstop early on and that put them in a situation where the latter part of the year they were screwed. As I said, they can afford to let one or two go over guarantee but more then that means the budget takes a hit because the show will go over the amount it was expecting to use, meaning other areas would need to be cut and so on. My thinking based on what we know is we will see Bo, Hope, Marlena, etc sporadically through November. Bo and John will probably see a fair amount of airtime with Hope and Marlena here and there. December is always a big vet month so they will likely want to save enough appearances for that and they can build story from there and into the new year when they can start again with no budget concerns. Again, I just hope they balance things out better so this situation can be avoided. They do this too much.

I really don't think that's correct. It's different for each actor, depending on the dates and terms of his/her contract.
Sometimes but it still comes down to the same thing as in using the actor or actress alot at the start of the year in their contract and not wanting to push past their guarantee. However, more or less what I'm focusing in on is when it comes to money allotted for the cast that comes out of the YEARLY budget, which from what I hear takes effect every January. That sort of ties in with the contracts because the money allotted could determine the way the show handles the cast and guarantees. That is what I mean by a clean slate and that is usually why you tend to see renewed usage of vets around that time. Just look at last year. Dee Hall's airtime exploded starting with the first episode of 2008. Same thing goes for the other vets. Usually if they use you alot at the beginning and middle of the year, you will barely see them on the latter end of the contract year. That is why I warn people that if you see alot of the bets all at once like that you will see a lull eventually and here we are in one.
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