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^Not sure on the details, Alligato. One result is advertisers who pay to advertise or promote during TV shows. They may not be so willing to dish out as much money to pay for ads or may cut down on ads. That would affect any TV show or network because they are losing ad revenue, which is basically how they make money.

This has to be why it's taking so long for the official word on Days. They are definitely going to see a significant cut. I mean, they were going to have to cut anyway but NBC making these kinds of cuts means big time changes.

Days has a ton of actor contracts up next year. They should all expect further cuts and, as much as I hate it, I'm pretty certain actors like SN, MBE, JM, TP, and LH will be gone. Days is going to keep who they feel they have to and make due with who they feel is important. They will probably cut some to recurring and use them only when necessary. I mean, where else are they going to cut? They are already using a certain amount of sets. They have to start trimming the cast size down to a manageable level and I would hate to lose any of them but it's obvious they will have to. And they will not be cutting the young cast members or newcomers because they don't make enough so they have to cut those who would help the budget. I've been saying for awhile that while losing some beloved characters would suck, I think the show needs a smaller cast. It's less work for the writers as they can focus in on a few stories. It allows more time for character stuff. There are many benefits to it IMO. We'll see what happens but I don't see Days changing much technically. I think the changes will be to actor salaries and in cast size.
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