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NBC did bring a lot of this on themselves. They entered into contracts with many stars in the 90's (the casts of Seinfelf and Friends for example) for massive amounts and then the bottom dropped out of network TV. Then they got complacent, arrogant and lazy and relied on spin offs of these shows to keep the viewers, and that idea bombed. Since then NBC has had less than a half dozen truly new ideas for shows resulting in people to watch other things.

Networks will never have the standings they did in the 90's, and they need to accept that (The fact that cable channels have won many, many of the major emmy awards is proof of that). However, they can still have some inventive shows. The other two have done it.

I'm tired of NBC blaming other things for their own inabilities and I am pretty sure that dumping their last soap is going to be part of some scape goat rationale for them. However, because NBC doesn't own Days, I don't know how much of a saving they will get. If by some chance it stays, it will suffer major budget cuts and I will say seeing how bad Days has let itself become, I won't cry over the cuts.
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