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Oct 19 2008, 06:06 AM
Oct 19 2008, 04:06 AM
NBC has been on a mission to kill this show since 99. And now that DAYS is no longer profitable for its affiliates, NBC might be pressured into axing DAYS. Especially if markets start dropping the show for low performances.
If the show was unprofitable it would be canceled. Period. Nobody knows what are the real production expenses, nobody knows how much money DAYS makes from advertisers and other venues. Times are bad for sure. But thatīs exactly the reason why the network will be even more carefull than just impetuously cancel a show which doesnīt make as much as used, but still is able to garantee a significant amount of viewers in the desired demos, on daily basis, 260 times per year.

In other words, as long as DAYS makes atleast some money and as long as NBC will not be sure they have a cheaper, as much successfull and a longterm! replacement DAYS will stay.

As for the cuts, I think the last few weeks and the new hires pretty much sealed what is NBCīs/Tomlinīs priority. He wants the young demos back and he wants to boost up the twenties, thirties group to make sure of that. Thatīs the main priority, thatīs what TPTB is mostly concerned about. Tony, Anna are practically gone, Steve/Kayla are in the unfortunate position of the third supercouple which can be cut anytime. Kate and Dan are totally isolated and I could see a happy ending and ride to the sunshine for them after the cancer story ends.

I think all the characters who have story right now are save, plus Jarlena and Bope and probably Stefano, as long as Joe stays "reasonable".
Unprofitable for NBC...maybe not. Maybe so.

Unprofitable for big affiliates who could make more money with syndicated programming or an additional news hour? Absolutely, without a doubt, 1000%. Daytime is no longer a network issue. It's all about the affiliates and if they are not making money, they want control and NBC has allowed its affiliates to trample over their daytime lineup for years. When you've got the #2 soap in America airing in late night TV for an hourlong afternoon newscast, you finally realize that very little is safe or sacred where the daytime lineup is concerned.

And what little money DAYS makes for NBC isn't going to come close to recouping a $500 Million Dollar loss. NBC's daypart efforts are better suited in the market of syndication, where they own cheaper properties like Game Shows(DEAL OR NO DEAL), talk shows(ELLEN, SPRINGER), and celebrity news shows(ACCESS HOLLYWOOD). NBC is no longer interested in soaps. I'll eat crow, feathers and all if I'm wrong and bow to your holiness, but to see news like this and just assume "budget cuts," oy vey.

There's a reason why Rakesh posted this article to the DR and I'm willing to bet it wasn't to speculate about how massive the budget cuts would be.

And what is considered a massive budget cut for DAYS fans? Using the same four sets over and over again? Cutting Kristen Renton, Roscoe Born, and Linden Ashby is not a massive budget cut. I wish an Ellen Wheeler type would take over this show and show DAYS fans what true budget cuts are. Seeing Alison Sweeney and James Scott only used to guarantee(two or three days a week), firing Steve, Mary-Beth, Kristian, and Peter...Now THAT would be a massive budget cut.
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