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Oct 19 2008, 08:11 AM
Oct 19 2008, 07:04 AM
Unprofitable for big affiliates who could make more money with syndicated programming or an additional news hour? Absolutely, without a doubt, 1000%. Daytime is no longer a network issue. It's all about the affiliates and if they are not making money, they want control and NBC has allowed its affiliates to trample over their daytime lineup for years. When you've got the #2 soap in America airing in late night TV for an hourlong afternoon newscast, you finally realize that very little is safe or sacred where the daytime lineup is concerned.

And what little money DAYS makes for NBC isn't going to come close to recouping a $500 Million Dollar loss. NBC's daypart efforts are better suited in the market of syndication, where they own cheaper properties like Game Shows(DEAL OR NO DEAL), talk shows(ELLEN, SPRINGER), and celebrity news shows(ACCESS HOLLYWOOD). NBC is no longer interested in soaps. I'll eat crow, feathers and all if I'm wrong and bow to your holiness, but to see news like this and just assume "budget cuts," oy vey.
I dont know if you have some inside info or are just assuming like everyone else, but this is exactly what Im saying. I have no doubt if NBC was sure it makes more sense financially to replace DAYS with some gameshow or talkshow, or whatever else, they would do it.

But it didnt happen so far, NBC is keeping DAYS and even promoting it and resurrecting a huge fan event for its fans which was already canceled. If the replacements were so viable and profitable as you believe DAYS would be replaced long time ago, and not just DAYS but all soaps (except Y/R and B/B) on all networks because the numbers are +- the same.

Besides ratings are falling across the board, its not just soaps. And I think there was even an article not so long ago claiming even in the current tough times daytime soaps are still the safest way to reach those desired 18-34 and 18-49 women. Of course, when there is a big local news to report it makes sense for the affiliates to reschedule, because more people is interested in the news than soap. But is there that kind of news every day, 260times per year?

As Im saying Im no insider and I have no idea what kind of talks are going/or went between NBC/Corday and Sony, so maybe Im terribly wrong and the show will be gone next year. But looking from outside Im actually feeling more positive than the last negotiation.
I agree, Jane.

If Days were cancelled, it would've been done by now. I think the extent of the budget cuts is what is keeping this deal from being done.

Sorry but hiring two new actors, re-signing current ones, bringing back a fan event, increasing promotion, and releasing a ratings press release for the first time in at least over a year to hype the show's highest demo numbers in over a year does not equal being cancelled. A show would be tying up loose ends and beginning the process of ending things. It's nearly November and the show would be leaving the air in March if canceled. Word would've leaked by now. You would be able to tell with some of the actors what was going on. A few months ago, I could buy the whole "It's canceled but NBC is hiding it" theory because cast members were barely talking and the show was a mess behind the scenes. I can't buy that now. Things have straightened out and NBC has to be happy with it in some capacity. Otherwise, why all the promotion? Why the fan event? Why a press release that hypes the show's accomplishment in demos? It doesn't make sense to do all that, among other things, if a show is already canceled.

The show is still making money and what goes forgotten is the fact that NBC seems committed to demos now and not so much HH numbers. Having said that, a 1.9 HH rating means more then it would've years ago. The value is different. Not clear on the details but I do know it's been discussed that a 1.9 ratings a few years ago would equal something higher.

I so agree with Rakesh that Corday and Sony would probably find another network. However, it seems like some in this thread are hinting at knowing something. If you do, post it. Otherwise, given the seriousness of this, I wouldn't hint at anything and just leave it alone. I mean, the DR posted a few weeks ago the show was renewed and I very much doubt they would post something like that if they didn't have enough reason to believe it. If things were going bad for Days, there is enough media outlets out there that something would be hinted at or leaked out. This is Days we are talking about. Everything leaks.
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