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Oct 17 2008, 05:27 PM
No movement in the J&M story just more conversations about dick piddly squat, no mentions of Stefano/Tony/Anna whatsoever, Bo/Hope reduced to simple cop duty and to top it all off Kayla is pissed off?

I want a new MYSTERY that involves the ENTIRE cast. I want something that is darker. I want something that has a slight unbelievable feeling to it.

The WRONG characters are getting story here. Dena FUCKING Higley needs to FUCKING go! And she can take "whats-his-face" with her!

WTF is going on here!

NOT impressed with these spoilers, I am PRAYING they turn out MUCH more exciting than they sound!

I know for me, what has been missing (and it looks like it is never going to happen) in the John and Marlena story, is an actual story. This should have been a new beginning for them. There seemed to be some kind of Stefano story outlined (or so it seemed) even just after they came back from Ireland, all the visits to his room by Tony, Anna, EJ, John & Marlena... I'll bet in the original outline he would have woken up sooner. Couples need something to fight together, a story where in this case, the new John and Marlena would have learned about each other while facing an obstacle together. I don't want them to just talk about what used to be and then out of the blue get back together. They need a situation. I thought Marlena was going to do whatever it took to not let John die. What happened to his headaches? It seems anything that remotely would give them a story has been shelved. It's very disappointing.
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