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Oct 19 2008, 02:39 PM
Days has probably been renewed. Otherwise, actors would already be lining up other jobs and local affiliates would already be shopping around for replacement programming come March. I assume money is the sticking point that has kept the deal from being finalized. Tomlin is probably arguing that he should be given a few months to get the demos up again before NBC decides on a final dollar amount. Considering the anarchy that was going on backstage for much of the summer, this is a reasonable request. Of course, I would appreciate NBC demanding a more reputable headwriter as a condition for renewal.
Good post.

That could be it too. I mean, it's pretty known now that Nadia Bjorlin was axed and it did look like Bryan Dattilo's days or some other vets were done yet they are both still here and involved and we hear nothing of more cast cuts at the moment. It seems to me something derailed Days' cut plans. Maybe Corday and co were hesitant and asked for more time to improve the situation.

Also, the last time Corday spoke to the press in August when the news broke about Tomlin, he was very confident. Hell, he felt optimistic about the show remaining on air for 4 years, let alone 2. I know he has to be optimistic but if your show is about to be canceled, you want to hint to fans things are bad so they can campaign and write in. Not only that but the Days actors would've been taking action by now. They would be posting on their sites in an effort to get fans to save the show. They would be looking for work. Peggy McKay and Suzanne Rogers just did a photo shoot. I mean, things are still happening. Higley had an article in People magazine about the autism story and how an NBC EXEC pushed for the story to be done after hearing about her son being autistic.

There is just too many signs that work against the notion of cancellation. I'm not saying NBC is 100% happy with the show. They are probably upset with most of their own network because it's in the gutter. However, if they were going to cancel Days, we would know by now. The mags would've picked up on something. Hell, someone would've. It's been going on for too long not to and if things were going bad, the show or it's cast would leak it wanting all the fan support they can to help their case.
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