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Oct 19 2008, 01:42 PM
There are many people who have commented that Nicole's child is doomed because of the fetal alcohol syndrome, and I feel that they did make enough mention of Nicole drinking alot to warrant some kind of mention....
HOWEVER...there are a few moms that I know, including myself, who were suprised with a pregnancy the week after a wonderful wedding weekend where we/I drank plenty and embibed more than necessary, and still had a healthy baby.

When most women find out they are pregnant, they stop drinking...and there is a good chance that all is well.
When Nicole found out she was pregnant, and even before, she wasn't drinking.
Hell, my mom drank during all of her pregnancies as most women did back in the day, and most of us turned out just fine.

Excessive alcohol consumption during a celebratory event and moderate alcohol consumption on daily basis is not comparable to excessive alcohol consumption throughout the fetus' first trimester. FAS should be an issue with Nicole's pregnancy and for Days to fail to address it in a meaningful manner would be a matter of corporate irresponsibility.

As a matter of personal preference, I find Nicole, Sami and EJ to all be more intriguing characters when they are far away from the nursery.
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